The Skybrary
The 7th Street Capulets
A rowdy, veteran bunch of skyrates with a penchant for the nippenbrau. We don't give a fig for your faction. We love a good romp almost as much as we love a good fight, so if you come knocking on our door expect one or the other.
Leader Sildar
Location Juliet
Founded 207 A.U.
Dissolved N/A
Jarylan Hundecoph
Lynx Adorienne

The 7th Street Capulets are one of the first wings formed in Skytopian, and pride themselves on being knowledgeable, helpful, fair, active and respected. The wing's charter reflects their devil-may-care attitude however, and while most Capulets are more than happy to assist anyone in need, they have little patience for persistent stupidity. Sildar has been known to say he flies with his wingmates solely for their wit.

The wing keeps an office in the city district of Juliet, in addition to a clubhouse on the Emvris' estate there. The wing is fond of parties and a pair of Capulets on the same skyland is frequently used as an excuse to celebrate, often chaotically. With such Skytopia notables as the self-proclaimed pirate Jarylan, ERN founder and personality Ellington, Flight School advocate Kyra, and veteran Red Armada officer Keyo, it's typical for such parties to draw crowds.

Due to organizational limitations, the Capulets currently do not have open membership; however, wing leader Sildar has expressed great interest in recruiting a diverse and intelligent number of skyrates to the group.