Afterburner Skillbox
Handy for when you need to get the heck out of there. Learn how to perform the afterburner maneuver in combat, and reduce its Gumption cost.
Skill Category Flight
Requires Aerobatics
Unlocks Sideslip
Cost for 1st Level 5 FP
Cost for 2nd Level 15 FP
Cost for 3rd Level 40 FP
Cost for 4th Level 120 FP
Cost for 5th Level 380 FP

In a nutshell, firing your Afterburners makes your plane quickly accelerate for a few seconds. Afterburners can be handy when fleeing combat.

Combat Maneuver Recipe
Hotkey: 2
1st Keystroke SHIFT+
2nd Keystroke SHIFT+
3rd Keystroke SHIFT+
Known planes that cannot perform this maneuver Leviathan

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