The Skybrary
Alcuin the Wise
Prophet of Magnus
Born Unknown, Barrens [[File:]]
Died n/a
Species Unknown
Faction Earthen Order

Alcuin the Wise founded the Earthen Order in The Barrens after the fall of the Kingdom of Magnus. He is considered a Prophet of Magnus.

Life and Revelation[]

Alcuin The Wise was born in the Barrens, an arid region South of Skytopia. The only method of survival was by foraging and gathering. Most of the knowledge of farming and industry had been lost to time; the only knowledge of the Empire were folk stories of a wonderful lost Kingdom, ruled over by the fair and mighty King Magnus. As a youth, Alcuin was unsatisfied with life. He set out to find a better way. While resting one night in the untamed forest, his campfire suddenly went out sending plumes of smoke into the air. In the moonlight, the cloudy smoke formed together and a giant figure made itself seen.

From the Book of Alcuin

  1. And The King Magnus did appear before me, his mighty visage wreathed in smoke and moonlight.
  2. The King spoke aloud in a voice like thunder to me, and he did say:
  3. "My child. My Kingdom has vanished from the earth. My people had become venal and petty; they cared more for vice and folly than their duty as citizens, and my roar of anger shook the earth from beneath them."
  4. "I give unto you then this Second Kingdom, the Kingdom of Dirt. You must build a new Kingdom for me to return to; you must remember your connection to life, your duties as citizens."
  5. "On the day when all men have become citizens of my Kingdom, I shall return, and you shall live in a new Kingdom, free of want for eternity."

The figure spoke to Alcuin for seven days. He did not hunger or thirst, and when he returned to the village, he revealed his sacred knowledge to his people: The secrets of the land and industry. Within two years the village had become prosperous as fields bloomed and the wilderness was tamed. Within five years, the first plane was launched, and Alcuin left to spread his truth to the rest of the Barrens. Everywhere he went the blessings of Magnus, the field and the factory, converted savages to citizens, anarchy to a new kingdom. Order was imposed, and his followers learned how to guide their communities to not only thrive, but to prosper. As Alcuin slept one night, Magnus appeared to him again, with an appearance as of a statue of bronze. He gave Alcuin his second revelation: There existed other lands, lands which had not experienced the light of the new kingdom.

He called on his followers to build great barges to spread his word. It was written, and thus it was done.

Source: Matriarch Clara. On the Past, 8 July 2008.