The Skybrary

Using the wrong alt in a reply often results in awkwardness.

Alternate characters or alts are those characters typically created for roleplaying, spying, fooling around, trying out different play styles, or just starting over. Since SR2.3, you may have up to four characters on a single account.

Using alts to run influence with the intention of claiming a skyland for a single faction is alt swarming and is not allowed.[1] Running alts on different factions is a debatable action, since you could use it to distract a faction. Equally, there is no rule against Flight School or Independent alts taking govs, but you shouldn't push your luck.

The Taking of Eltsina[]

The most significant example of alt swarming was The Taking of Eltsina (also known as The Battle of Eltsina), during Skyrates 2.2. This effort to lead Influence on the Green Faction's capital was planned and primarily executed by two members of the Red Faction: The Dormouse and The March Hare.[2] Each piloted a fleet of Marauders and Novas known as La Armada de Para Locas.[3] This attempt, once successful, was a touch-point for many players on the issue of Alt Swarming.[4]

List of Alts[]

These players have revealed their alts on the forum, radio or elsewhere. Alt 1 is the character the player prefers to be known by or is most known as. The bolded character is their primary inf runner.

You may notice a few color/icon mismatches. This typically occurs when the character considers themselves independent but is currently a member of a faction for whatever reason. It also happens when the character is a pirate.

Alt 1 Alt 2 Alt 3 Alt 4
Violet.png Aeauna Azure.png Aeanua Jade.png Undisclosed Earthen.png Undisclosed
Crimson.png Aeddan[5] FSLogo.png Ivor Gustfangs FSLogo.png Chak Fel Undisclosed
FSLogo.png Aeolus FSLogo.png Captain FSLogo.png Odysseus Azure.png Sirius
Crimson.png Akumayo[6] FSLogo.png Ukamoya FSLogo.png Oyamuka Undisclosed
Jade.png Amelia BraveHeart[7] Jade.png spaceanddeath Undisclosed Undisclosed
Violet.png Arikatas Jade.png Talia Balain Azure.png Mysana Amontir Earthen.png Faylenn Lesser
Azure.png Azalea[8] Azure.png Azura Undisclosed Undisclosed
Crimson.png Balrog Crimson.png Tilde Pilcrow Undisclosed Undisclosed
Crimson.png Baron Soontir Fel[9] FSLogo.png Booster Terrik FSLogo.png Jagged Fel FSLogo.png Wak
FSLogo.png Baron Von Ben[10] FSLogo.png El Guappo!! FSLogo.png Reepacheep Undisclosed
Crimson.png Batty Den Independent.png Marquis de Carabas Undisclosed Undisclosed
Azure.png Biz Azure.png Lumpy Jade.png Bigtooth Crimson.png smooth
Crimson.png Blade Skydancer FSLogo.png Sarah Skydancer Undisclosed Undisclosed
FSLogo.png Catrina Whitclaw FSLogo.png Victor Taylor FSLogo.png Maxi Sukrov FSLogo.png Victoria Hawthorne
Jade.png Dante Jade.png Kalayo Undisclosed Undisclosed
Earthen.png Deyo Azure.png Albrecht Undisclosed Undisclosed
Jade.png Diver Dan Jade.png Miss Teen Wordpower Undisclosed Undisclosed
Azure.png Edmund C. Fex[11] FSLogo.png Xavier F. Astor III Undisclosed Undisclosed
Azure.png Eskay FSLogo.png Eskarina Undisclosed Undisclosed
Crimson.png Fell FSLogo.png Talon Karrde Undisclosed Undisclosed
Crimson.png Fenriq[12] FSLogo.png Freqin FSLogo.png Yiffer the Sock Sniffer Undisclosed
Azure.png Fox McCloud[13] Azure.png Peppy Hare Undisclosed Undisclosed
Jade.png George Stallengrant Violet.png Kaylee Stallengrant Azure.png Hau Long Undisclosed
Jade.png georgegrog Jade.png Ferretor Undisclosed Undisclosed
Crimson.png Grand Admiral Thrawn[14] FSLogo.png Johny FSLogo.png Dash Rendar FSLogo.png Spike Spiegel
Crimson.png Grumble Gut[15] Crimson.png One Eyed Willy Jade.png Dr. Strangelove Undisclosed
Jade.png Hammy[16] Jade.png Kratos Undisclosed Undisclosed
Independent.png Herley FSLogo.png Victor Pokrovsky FSLogo.png - (The Dash) Undisclosed
Jade.png Hyashi Independent.png Artemus Delphus Undisclosed Undisclosed
Crimson.png Iago Earthen.png B.B. Whitetail Jade.png Ophelia Foxx Crimson.png Othello
Azure.png Kathryn FSLogo.png A big (bot) Undisclosed Undisclosed
Crimson.png Keyo Crimson.png Ikkyo Undisclosed Undisclosed
Earthen.png Kyra[17] FSLogo.png alliisara Undisclosed Undisclosed
Azure.png Lomondra Crimson.png Carmen Banana Undisclosed Undisclosed
Jade.png Mad Hatter[18] Crimson.png Hatta Jade.png Mad-Hatter Azure.png Mad Mad Hatter
Azure.png Major Major Major Major Crimson.png Lionel Mandrake Jade.png Hanuman Undisclosed
Crimson.png Marcus Langley Azure.png Haley Callahan Pirate.png Captain Isengrim Undisclosed
FSLogo.png McNosedive Crimson.png Roasted Coconuts Undisclosed Undisclosed
Jade.png Mr. Tusks Jade.png M. Santon-Dumas Undisclosed Undisclosed
Jade.png MrEctomy FSLogo.png Tobias Undisclosed Undisclosed
Azure.png Naes Draw Independent.png Lena Draw Independent.png Mildred Butters Azure.png Mary Ann
Independent.png "Joker" Elgrin (Naes cont.) Independent.png Sena Clark Azure.png Jack Harris Azure.png Naea Draw
Crimson.png nehp Crimson.png a001 Crimson.png Rarkre Independent.png neph
Crimson.png nehp (cont.) FSLogo.png zolurker (bot) Undisclosed Undisclosed
Jade.png Not-So-Secret Squirrel Jade.png Priscilla W.H. Undisclosed Undisclosed
FSLogo.png Pep Nikkery FSLogo.png Tyler Swift FSLogo.png Griff Tomson Undisclosed
Crimson.png Phedre Spitfire Pirate.png Jendayi Kanika Undisclosed Undisclosed
Azure.png Pierce N.V. Post[19] Crimson.png Captain Posner Undisclosed Undisclosed
Jade.png Redstorm Breckenridge FSLogo.png Sofia Trinity Undisclosed Undisclosed
Independent.png Richard Cussler Violet.png Elvara Ignacius Azure.png Alexander Pequot FSLogo.png Lia Goodkind
Azure.png Ryan Starflier Violet.png Dana Carter Undisclosed Undisclosed
Crimson.png Sadistica Crimson.png Abner Rosenwood Undisclosed Undisclosed
Independent.png Sargeant Warcrime Independent.png Mote FSLogo.png Screechy Violet.png Sally Fifth
Crimson.png Sergeant Killjoy[20] FSLogo.png messenger13 Undisclosed Undisclosed
Jade.png Shaon FSLogo.png Camelopardalis Undisclosed Undisclosed
Azure.png Sharktooth FSLogo.png Stan FSLogo.png Louise FSLogo.png Luca Souza
Azure.png Sharpie Jade.png Minky O Undisclosed Undisclosed
Jade.png Taricha Jade.png Crickets FSLogo.png Andrias scheuchzeri Undisclosed
Azure.png Tarlach FSLogo.png Keegan Azure.png Newton Whitlock FSLogo.png Cyrus
Azure.png Tawny Port Violet.png Lucetta Quickly Undisclosed Undisclosed
Crimson.png The March Hare[21] FSLogo.png The Jabberwock FSLogo.png Jehovah Undisclosed
Azure.png Theodora Bayer[22] Jade.png Mustela Blackfoot Crimson.png Veruca Nutkin FSLogo.png Camela Pard
Crimson.png Thorne Azure.png Ryan Musgrave Violet.png Thorne! Azure.png Revvan Kamar
Azure.png Waiwaera Independent.png Chakide van Gunari Undisclosed Undisclosed
Independent.png Walther Crimson.png Martin Andreysin Undisclosed Undisclosed
Earthen.png Xenos Independent.png Frettchen Independent.png Katze Undisclosed
Azure.png Zhana Hirst Crimson.png Ronan Hirst Pirate.png Ivan Hirst Violet.png Cho An

Players with no alts[]

The following players have declared that they will never create alts: