The Skybrary
Iron Crescent
Barashiki side.png
Barashiki front.png
Barashiki top.png
Tier 9 Stock
Combat Armor: 9mm
Armor Class: 7
Maneuver: 10
Ammo: 900 rounds
Silhouette: 70
Trading Cargo: 414 crates
Range: 2306 km
Performance Max Speed: 300 kph
Stall Speed: 143 kph
Acceleration: 100 kph/s
Misc. Crew: 6 seat(s)
CKPH: 124200
Corner Velocity: 249 kph
Upgrade Slots Combat: 7
Engine: 7
Hull: 7
Wing: 7
Gun Mounts Forward: 2x Large, 1x Large Turret
Rear: 2x Large
Wing: None
Diagonals: None
Maintenance and Repair Cost per %: Ģ 1023
Time: 315 minutes
Price: Ģ 18,960,000
Availability: Goldenrod, Grottopolis, Uurwerk

Slow and steady wins the race? As long as it's a race to fill pirate hulls with holes!

Fighting the Barashiki[]

Attacking from the rear is generally preferred method, as this is the widest gap without guns. However, the Barashiki turns extremely tightly due to it's low speed and very high maneuver, so getting close unharmed can be difficult for some fast, slow maneuvering and/or wide planes. Planes with side or diagonal arcs may be able to more easily damage the Barashiki from the side, as long as you turn with the Barashiki. Additionally, due to the tight turning and large size of the plane, the visible arcs can actually skew nearly 100% out of their actual effective area (they will still light up if a target is in the effective range), so one might use the "Logical Arcs" function using the Y key to see the effective area clearly.On a related note, it's size in combat appears to at least partly be a bug, as the nose and tail of the craft (all edges) are not targetable; your arc will only light up a bit past the visible edge of the plane. The gun placement appears to be at the edge of the visible plane.

Sample Combats[]

Type\Tier 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Combat - - Phantom - Seahawk - Vengeance - Hades Avenger
Perf - - Marauder - Thor - Loki - Nova Ingersoll
Trade - - Nomad - Halifax - Bullfrog Leviathan KingFisher
Upgrade CR-4P - Excelsior - Seafire - Barracuda - Dauntless Mantis
Perf/Combat - Chapparal - Valkyrie - Mkii - Thunderbolt - Havoc
Combat/Trade - Mastiff - Bolo - Cyclops - Barashiki - Bismarck
Perf/Trade - KittyHawk - Requin - Cetacea - Lancaster - Spectre