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The Barrens
Unknown Land.png
View of The Barrens
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General Info
Founded: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Climate: Arid, sandy desert
Danger: Unknown
Industries: Unknown, possibly Religion and Agriculture
Exports: The Earthen Order
For Sale
Planes: None
Upgrades: None

The Barrens is a region roughly three to five days travel to the south of Skytopia.[1] Unlike Skytopia's many skylands, the Barrens is comprised of a single floating continent.[2]

As there is nowhere to stop and resupply, travel between Skytopia and the Barrens is effectively restricted to the largest planes and Zeppelins. Smaller craft are either transported aboard the larger craft or refueled mid-flight.


Although once an inhospitable place that was torn by war, the guidance of the Earthen Order has transformed the region into a place as diverse as Skytopia. While the Earthen Order is an ever-present entity, the people are largely free to handle their own internal politics.


The people of the Barrens mounted large scale expeditions to new lands. One such expedition, nominally led by Matriarch Clara, discovered Skytopia. The difficulties in long range communication mean that the fates of the other expeditions are unknown.

Hidden War[]

During the Hidden War, it was speculated by certain parties, Captain Remy among them, that the Hidden Fleet was blockading Skytopia to prevent access to the Barrens and the Courtlands for reasons unknown.

With Alcuin’s Citadel under siege, the Council of Twelve sent many messengers to Skytopia and their other expeditions, although few made the journey.[3] In response, Skytopia's Earthen Order marshaled a force to break through the blockade and aid their homeland.


  • Alcuin's Citadel: the capitol of the Earthen Order, located south-east of Gadria.[4]
  • Gadria: the northernmost port of the continent.[2]
  • Lorna: an outpost to the east of Gadria.[4]




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