Birthday is a Skytopian holiday observed annually on Fuselicorn 15th.


Birthday celebration over Leng in 208AU

While many Skytopians celebrate on their date of birth as well, skyland governments have almost unanimously enacted legislation to make Fuselicorn 15th a dedicated day for the joint celebration of birthdays. Common traditions involve jubilant parades in the streets and skies. Planes are often garishly colored and frequently carry bright mono-chrome banners. People dress similarly. The focus of the holiday is on recognizing the skills or knowledge people may have gained in the past year. Often communities vote and choose a member who has had significant accomplishments in the past year. The elected citizen holds a ceremonial position in the festivities of a skyland. It is a great honor to even be nominated.


Stunt Flying and Painted Aircraft as the Azure Horizon celebrates Birthday

Since 198 AU, Cidade has hosted a stunt flying show. It has proven popular, and Midgard added a similar show in 206 AU. Valvia has hosted The Grand Fireworks Extravaganza since 166 AU (except for a period from 186-190 AU). Many other skylands hold smaller pyrotechnics shows.

Birthday is not officially celebrated on Shriebeck or Uurwerk, but Skytopians on those skylands often travel to nearby Jordan, Isla di Pisa or Lhasa.

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