Tinkspoit Creations
Tier 8 Stock
Combat Armor: 10mm
Armor Class: 12
Maneuver: 6
Ammo: 2100 rounds
Silhouette: 90
Trading Cargo: 400 crates
Range: 1719 km
Performance Max Speed: 180 kph
Stall Speed: 80 kph
Acceleration: 50 kph/s
Misc. Crew: 6 seat(s)
CKPH: 72,000
Corner Velocity: 80 kph
Upgrade Slots Combat: 10
Engine: 2
Hull: 10
Wing: 10
Gun Mounts Forward: None
Rear: 2x Large Turrets
Wing: 2x Large Fixed
Diagonals: 2x Large Turrets(rear)
Maintenance and Repair Cost per %: Ģ 810
Time: 285 minutes
Immelman,Split S,Loop, Wingover
Price: Ģ 12,320,000
Availability: Luz, Volstoy, Alpha 12, Alpha 15

A fleet of Bismarcks is truly a terror to behold. They can pack enough cargo for long sieges, have a powerful weapons array, and their propellers allow them to do some of the maneuvers typical blimps can't do. It's slow, but hey... it's a zeppelin.

Fighting the Bismarck Edit

With the rear thoroughly protected a Bismark is best attacked from it's nose. A quick loop or careful airbreak can allow you to strike it's nose easily; the Bismark is of course still moving towards you, so be careful to evade as most weaker gun arrangements won't take out a Bismark in one pass. The armor class can make it tough for low tier planes, as certain guns will only damage the Bismark with critical hits.

Due to the rear-only arc set up, the Bismark is exceedingly easy to defeat by using either a tailgun or any forward gun that with more reach than the Bismark's (large) arcs.

Skill Level Benefits (Accurate as of 11/29/2009)Edit

Fuel Efficiency

Level| Range
FE 1:1,277
FE 2:1,314
FE 3:1,352
FE 4:1,389
FE 5:1,426
FE 6:1,463
FE 7:1,500
FE 8:1,538


Level| Cargo
CS 1:416
CS 2:433
CS 3:450
CS 4:468
CS 5:487
CS 6:506
CS 7:526
CS 8:547

Fan ArtEdit


SketchUp of the Bismarck by Moros.


SketchUp of the Bismarck by Moros.

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