Every Player Faction except Flight School has a Capital, the seat of their power. One of the NPC Factions also has a Capital of sorts. You must travel to a Faction's Capital to join that faction (by visiting the Council there). Capitals also work a bit differently in the Influence game.

Capital Skylands' names appear in their "home" faction's color.

Regular Player Faction CapitalsEdit

The Azure League capital is Islo.
The Jade Hand capital is Eltsina.
The Crimson Armada capital is Fuseli.
The Earthen Order capital is Lhasa.
The Court of Violets capital is Arcadia.

Flight School and IndependentsEdit

The Independents "capital" is Echo.
The Flight School has no capital as such: you cannot rejoin the Flight School once you leave it. However, Flight School is formally and canonically the Echo Academy of Flight, and Echo is considered the "capital" for RP purposes.

NPC CapitalsEdit

The Hidden Fleet has no capital.
The Pirates have no capital as such, but Tortuga's name is black as that is traditionally their home. Tortuga, as a Capital, is a special case in the Influence game.

Effect of Capitals on InfluenceEdit

Skyland Mood works differently on a Capital: the residents identify closely with their canonical faction, and they are thus difficult for other factions to rule effectively. The exception is Tortuga: they are always Unhappy, even if the Pirates take control.