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This article contains information on a defunct feature of the game and may not be representative of current features.


"Captain Remy" is a special combat encounter first appeared on 5/25/08.


Difficult but not impossible!

Captain Remy is quite a famous scoundrel. You can read more about him at Captain Remy.

Captain Remy possesses the legendary plane "The Dirty Scalawag," which is famed for its supreme firepower, maneuvering, and its frontal attack. Its high maneuverability makes it very difficult to be shot down.

Captain Remy is extremely difficult to track when he's not helping new flight school graduates. MacHelm was one of the first survived pilots to record the encounter. Although Lord Gilbert believes Remy has only shot down 17 pilots at most in his career, if anyone is not careful they will become the eighteenth.

On arriving to Grottopolis, pilot CDM reported encountering Captain Remy, commenting that he was the most difficult encounter he had yet seen; far more difficult than the Diamond Convey. Captain Remy could out-maneuver his 2-kit Vengeance, and hit hard enough to cut through nearly 3mm of armor before being taken down. The risk, however, was well worth the substantial bounty.

5/25/08, 12:09 PM server time

1 The Dirty Scalawag(10)

Payout: [Potential bug here] 48,964 G (level 8 Mech, level 5 Salvage Ops) [The end of combat page says the payout is 114,500; the debug log says it is 14,500, which is more likely the actual payout; and the combat log says 48,964, that is, including both the plane's bounty and the special combat bounty.)

This encounter is known to be found at level 30[1] and above. The combat was generated in place of the Phantom Junker encounter if combat level (Minimum: 30+internal level of the Mantis) was sufficient.


  1. Encountered by pilot cdm on 09/09/2008, level 30 reward 112,500 (level 5 SO, no mechanic), payout bug no longer present

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