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Carriers are a legendary combat involving one of the Hidden Fleet's Motherships and three X-36 escorts.

Unlike a regular combat, the Carrier has multiple weakpoints which must be destroyed before the core can be targeted and destroyed. Damage taken by the Carrier carries over between battles. Upon destruction of the core, the Carrier will shrink as it drops into the the ocean below... although this effect is only really visible if you leave one of its escorts alive.

Each carrier has its own armor rating, so don't be surprised if you do really well against one but appear to do poorly against another, even though you thought you did equally well against both.

Fighting a Carrier[]

Lowering your stall speed as far as it will go will allow you to fire upon on a weakpoint with relative impunity as long as the Carrier does not start spinning.

Once the core is exposed, you may ignore any weakpoints that may have respawned for that battle. They should only be able to take 1 hit and players with slow guns will be wasting their time targeting them.

List of Carriers[]

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