Cartography Skillbox
A skyrate without good map skills is flying blind. This skill increases the number of flight legs you can queue up by 1.
Skill Category Flight
Requires none
Unlocks Perception, Skyland Trust
Cost for 1st Level 1 FP
Cost for 2nd Level 5 FP
Cost for 3rd Level 10 FP
Cost for 4th Level 15 FP
Cost for 5th Level 25 FP
Cost for 6th Level 35 FP
Cost for 7th Level 45 FP
Cost for 8th Level 55 FP
Cost for 9th Level 70 FP
Cost for 10th Level 100 FP

Novice skyrates start the game only being able to plot 6 flight legs ahead. Cartography allows you to plot one additional flight legs for each level in the skill, for a resulting maximum of 16 flight legs.

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