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The following is, in the author's sole perception, a summary of the factions of Skytopia.

In-Character Information[]

Yellow.gif The Echo Academy of Flight is dedicated to educating the young, aspiring pilots of Skytopia. The Academy do not seek skyland control, for to control some Skylands is to be excluded from the rest.

Crimson.png The Crimson Armada know how to get stuff done. They have time and again taught us the efficiency of their chain of command, in their ongoing war for peace across Skytopia.

Azure.png The Azure League is all about freedom. In the blue skies, a Skyrate is beholden to none but himself. This freedom tends to gather two groups of folks: wild nomads, and mad scientists.

In the past, The League and the Armada have a long history of bad blood. Where the League stands for personal freedom, the Armada stands for control, of self and of others. These have proven tough to reconcile.

Jade.png The Jade Hand is the more reserved sibling of the League and the Armada; they hold their own, and keep to it. Within the boundaries of the Republic, every vote is counted and every officer fairly elected; you could be, too. The Merchants' Guild is a bit sneakier, moving the rest of Skytopia in hidden ways...

The Armada and the Republic have in the past seen eye-to-eye; though the Red meritocracy and the Green republic selected their leaders in different ways, both leaders were followed, and treaties could be counted on - though the motive behind the treaty was always privately questioned...

The Republic and the League have had a likewise profitable history; they share a fundamental commitment to hearing every voice, though their methods differ. Success in treaties has been varied; since no Blue speaks for any other, the longstanding Gentleman's Agreement had to be independently signed by each Blue to be bound by it. This lack of assurance made the Greens uneasy...

Earthen.png The Earthen Order have returned to Skytopia once more. They shared much of the early history of Skytopia, but following the Upheaval were cast far south to the Barrens, where they formed a religion centered around the teachings of Magnus and the duties of citizenship.

The Crimson Armada are cautiously optimistic about the Order, who seem to have a similar emphasis on peace, duty, and Skytopia. If these two powers find themselves content with a co-unification, they might soon achieve it.

The Azure League appreciate the Order's focus on the importance of all the people, but are suspicious of the "duty of citizenship", which appears to be an artificial requirement imposed by a dusty old tome.

The Jade Hand are very concerned about the Order's apparent opposition to free trade. While they each protect their own, their own might not intersect.

While one of the oldest factions in their own lands, the Earthen Order are the newest faction to join Skytopia, and as such their young leadership are still growing into their roles. This is a great place to help shape a young and growing faction.

Violet.png The Court of Violets are the aliens to Skytopia. Led by the Shining One, they take a mixed-media approach to life: what is flight without song, dance, art? Violets place a heavy emphasis on perfection in all things, and on individual discovery of the path to get there.

The Azure League initially considered the Court to be natural allies, with a shared focus on knowledge and on individual discovery. However, the League is wary of the way in which the Violets take everything so seriously - what's perfection without fun? - and of the Court's rapid encroachment on some of the League's most prized territories.

The Armada see the Court as hostile foreign invaders with a hostile foreign mindset, exerting hostile foreign control over great swaths of Skytopia. They seek to reclaim that territory for the peace and unification of Red.

The Republic says: "We've been around a long time, and we've seen the likes of them before. Proclaiming peace while conquering the map. Hah! These charts are through the roof! But we always leave a door open for negotiation. Some say we are all talk, but imagine the world without it. Nothing is ever clear as day. And while there is that chance that Violet means well, while there is the smallest fraction of a chance that we can coexist instead of obliterating one another, we will welcome talk... and peace. For the profit of all, not just a few. You can quote me on that."

Orange.png The Independents, seeing all this, have chosen to remove themselves from Skyland control. Some choose to become Governors, but none fly the orange flag anywhere but their own planes.


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