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Flag of Cidade
General Info
Founded: 158 A.U.
Population: 200,000 (est.)
Climate: Temperate, Lush and Green
Danger: Non-existent
Industries: The Intercambio, Corporate Headquarters, Post Aviation
Exports: Food products, Stockbrokers
For Sale
Planes: Thor, Valkyrie, Nomad
Upgrades: None

Município da Cidade is a skyland, currently in the vicinity of Echo, New Hovlund, and Jordan, known for being completely covered by towering skyscrapers. It has a large population due to the availability of living space, and is also home to several important businesses. Cidade's Intercambio is a stock exchange unrivaled in Skytopia, and famous for its throngs of shouting brokers.

The skyland was founded shortly after the Principality Wars by the newly-formed Merchant Guild, which was at the time a component organization of the Commonwealth. Guildmaster Tarliff chose Cidade as the location for a new trading hub due to its central location and hospitable climate.


Tarliff gave the task of developing Cidade to a young Guild Foreman named Nicolau Ribeira, who platted the original settlement in 158 A.U. and opened the skyland to businesses the following year. The first Intercambio, a stock exchange now famous for its throngs of shouting brokers, opened in 162 AU in a small stone building on Rua de Ouro. Ribeira's family remains fairly prominent on Cidade to this day.

During the Skytopian Civil War, Cidade was a point of contention due to its large gold reserves, but the battle for the skyland mostly took place high above it, and so its infrastructure remained intact. Cidade kept developing after the war, more quickly than skylands thanks to its booming economy.


Cidade is a major producer of radios, many of which go directly to local stores. The radio industry employs approximately one-fifth of the skyland's population.

Cidade is home to an A-level, Gold Division Grimby team, Central Core United, as well as two C-level teams owned by wealthy stockbrokers. The CCU team plays the majority of their matches at Center Court, which sits in the center of the Cidade-Leng-Valvia triangle.

Cidade hosts an annual stunt flying show for Birthday. The tradition started in 198AU and proved instantly popular.


Cidade is Portuguese for city (município being Portuguese for municipality). The correct pronunciation is si-da-de or si-da-jee in Brazilian Portuguese.

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