Classic Bolo

The eccentric Pirate Lord "Phineas Phreshwater" hijacked a shipment of these early-type Bolos that were being shipped to Getty for storage, and has pressed them into service attacking trade routes. They, along with Proximity Mines, appear in the "Blast from the Past" Legendary Combat, but may also occasionally appear in normal combats.

Fortunately, these relics should be no match for a well-trained and well-equipped pilot! At first glance, their guns don't pack much power, and they definitely lack range compared to current armaments, so you should have no issue disposing of them. The only thing to watch out for is the unusually high crit rate, making their guns an unusual combination of flak and autocannon. Try not to touch them, even if your plane is quite tough.

Name Size Damage Shots Damage per Hit Shots per Second DPS Accuracy(+/-) Ammo/shot Ammo/second Crit Chance Default Crit Damage Crit Damage Bonus Length (px?) Width (degrees)
Bolo Classic "Autoflak" N/A 15 3 5 20 300 +30 5 100 25% 150% +20% 180 90

Raw Data:

XML: <arc center="0,0" length="180" width="90" rotation="315" accuracy="30" damage="15" ammoPerShot="5" firingRate="50" trackingSpeed="0" trackingAngle="0" critChance="25" critBonus="1.5" multiShot="3" critDmgMod="20"/>
Actual: <arc center='0, 0' length='180' width='90' rotation='315' currentRotation='315' accuracy='30' damage='15' ammoPerShot='5' firingRate='50' trackingSpeed='0' trackingAngle='0' critChance='25' critBonus='1.5' multiShot='3' critDmgMod='20' />

Type\Tier 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Perf - - Marauder - Thor - Loki - Nova Ingersoll
Trade - - Nomad - Halifax - Bullfrog Leviathan KingFisher
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Perf/Combat - Chapparal - Valkyrie - Mkii - Thunderbolt - Havoc
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