Combat Infamy
Combat Infamy Skillbox
For combat aces only! This skill is an open challenge to the world and increases the level of all combats you encounter from now on.
Skill Category Combat
Requires none
Unlocks none
Cost for 1st Level 10 CP
Cost for 2nd Level 20 CP
Cost for 3rd Level 30 CP
Cost for 4th Level 50 CP
Cost for 5th Level 70 CP
Cost for 6th Level 100 CP
Cost for 7th Level 130 CP
Cost for 8th Level 170 CP
Cost for 9th Level 220 CP
Cost for 10th Level 280 CP

The level of combats you receive will increase depending on how many levels of Combat Infamy you have, consequently raising the difficulty of the combats as well as the total combat bounty. Combat Infamy does not effect patrols at all, but effects all combats encountered during flight legs.

Combat Infamy increases combat difficulty by 2 levels per level of Combat Infamy.[verify me]

Maxing out Combat Infamy requires 1080 Combat Skill Points.

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