Main RoomEdit

Main Room of council

The first thing you see when you click the document icon.

To get to the Council room, click on the document/scroll icon. The Council room shows a female skunk and a male rat. To join a Faction, click on the speech bubble next to the skunk.

Faction SelectionEdit

Faction area

The faction area.

To join a given Faction, you must be on the skyland capital of that Faction. For example, the capital of the Crimson Armada is Fuseli. This is the only place where you can join the Crimson Armada. The same for the other factions and their capitals. To change to a different Faction, skyrates must first travel to Echo and register as Independent. A 30 day waiting period applies before the next Faction may be joined. If you are in Flight School, you do not have to become an Independent before selecting your first Faction. Flight School cannot be rejoined.



The wing area.

When you click on the button labeled "Wings" you will be able to create a Wing. This button directs you to the "My Skyrate" Wing Tab to facilitate wing creation and management.