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The Courtlands
Unknown Land.png
View of The Courtlands
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General Info
Founded: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Climate: Unknown, likely Tropical or Temperate
Danger: Unknown
Industries: Unknown, likely a wide variety
Exports: The Court of Violets
For Sale
Planes: Marauder, Havoc, Nova, Ingersoll, Spectre
Upgrades: Glimmerclay hull

The Courtlands is a region somewhere to the east of Skytopia that engendered the Court of Violets, a branch of which happened upon Skytopia while searching for the source of the Hidden Fleet.[1] Skylands of the Courtlands are smaller than those of Skytopia, presumably more akin to skylets, and are referred to as gardens.[2]


The Court has developed unique technologies for seemingly artistic purposes, such as the crystal music box[1][3] and glimmerclay. These may have more widespread applications, such as the use of glimmerclay in plane hulls.[4]

As a result of having smaller skylands, the Courtlands focused on smaller craft and did not develop technologies for the larger craft common to Skytopia.[5]

The Hidden War[]

During the Hidden War, it was speculated by certain parties, Captain Remy among them, that the Hidden Fleet was blockading Skytopia to prevent access to the Barrens and the Courtlands for reasons unknown.

Well-known Skyrates from the Courtlands[]

Path of Lights[]

Shining One's Path of Lights consisted of 13 craft carrying 33 passengers (including Shining One);[1] however, it is generally assumed that more people from the Courtlands have come and gone for various purposes.


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