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|costlevel1=1 [[TP]]
|costlevel1=1 [[TP]]
|costlevel3=10 [[TP]]

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Creative Storage
Creative Storage Skillbox.png
Learn how to fit things into every nook and cranny of your plane. That engine looks like it could fit some boxes, doesn't it? Gain a 4% bonus per level to your cargo bay size.
Skill Category Trade
Requires none
Unlocks Trade Prestige, Tax Evasion
Cost for 1st Level 1 TP
Cost for 2nd Level Unknown
Cost for 3rd Level 10 TP
Cost for 4th Level Unknown
Cost for 5th Level Unknown
Cost for 6th Level Unknown
Cost for 7th Level Unknown
Cost for 8th Level Unknown

Creative Storage has been said to be "the best trade skill there is."[1]


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