The Skybrary
Dax Argent
Adjuntant-General of the Armada
182 AU-present
Born 160 AU, Camp Obermont, Shriebeck Ferret Male.png
Died n/a
Species Mustelid (ferret)
Faction Crimson Armada
Awards and degrees
Professional history
  • Logistics Officer, CAF Air Group No. 1
  • Aide to Col. Fuseli (179-182)
  • CIC, 1st Battle Group, Armada (182-present)

Vice Admiral Daxilus Enfield Argent, ALC is the aide-de-camp to Admiral Fuseli of the Armada, and his appointed successor as Chief Commandant. Argent originally served in the Commonwealth Armed Forces as Fuseli's aide in the years before the Armada split from the Commonwealth. He remained as the Red leader's assistant throughout the Skytopian Civil War, after which he was given a position as a senior Armada commander.