Desert Nomads
Headquarters Phillipia
Founded Unknown, possibly before Great Upheaval
Organization type Tribal Conglomeration
- Emir of the Nomads

Emir Dalhoum
Membership Unknown


The Desert Nomads have been present in Skytopia since the time of the Great Upheaval. A hardy peoples, they have managed to maintain their culture through many changes and disasters. Their way of life is often incompatible with the more settled skytopian peoples, and as such, they sometimes come under repression or persecution. The Commonwealth era was a recent example of systemic discrimination, in a misguided attempt to force the Nomads to assimilate. As a reaction during the Skytopian Civil War, the Desert Nomads joined with Lawrence Islo and The Azure Conclave to form, The Azure League.

This union has proved both stable and prosperous, as the Scientists and Nomads have a similar sense of personal freedom. The Nomads hold one of the largest collections of Pre-Upheaval artifacts, and frequently allow study of them by the Conclave's scientists.

The Nomads are generally headquartered on Phillipia, although this is less than concrete. Every year, Nomads make a journey to Sharif, for a gathering of celebration, music, lights, and trade. The Great Marketplace on Sharif swells during this festival, and skyrates can find almost anything they desire during these times. Many nomads survived the Great Upheaval clinging to the skyland that later was named Goldenrod. There is still a large nomad population there today. Although they generally group together, Desert Nomads can be found on most any skyland due to their mobile nature.


Nomads are grouped into distinct family and social groups called clans. While there has been tension at times, these clans are generally cooperative. Although minor variations exist, the clans all share a culture and traditions. The leader of the clans is Emir Dalhoum. He serves as a unifying figure for nomads and arbitrates in disputes between them.

Personal names traditionally follow the clan name for nomads. Kavir from the Dashte clan would then be called Dashte Kavir.

List of ClansEdit

  • Wuste
  • Woestyn
  • Orken
  • Aaviko
  • Hamada
  • Pustinya
  • Shamo
  • Erimos
  • Dashte
  • Registana
  • Sivatag
  • Gurun
  • Sabaku
  • Samag
  • Tusknesis
  • Jangwani
  • Thalethray