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History of Skytopia

The Time Before
2500 B.U. - The Emergence
100 B.U. - Unification
100-50 B.U. - Kingdom of Magnus
50-0 B.U. - Children of Magnus
10-0 B.U. - The Great War
0 B.U. - The Great Upheaval
Settling of Skytopia
3-22 A.U. - Upheaval Wars
56 A.U. - Earthbreach War
99-156 A.U. - Principality Wars
Rise of the Factions
150-190 A.U. - The Commonwealth
183 A.U. - The Guild War
185-190 A.U. - Skytopian Civil War
Modern History
207 A.U. - The Tortugan Upheaval
210 A.U. - The Hidden War

The Earthbreach War was a conflict between Lucivius and a resistance movement calling themselves the Defenders of the Throne. In 56 AU, Lucivius laid claim to the throne of Magnus, and amassed an army of followers to help him take what he believed was rightfully his. He travelled to Earthbreach to seek out the giant golden throne from which Magnus supposedly ruled his empire. There is no evidence that the throne itself was ever found, but Lucivius established a military regime on Earthbreach and proceeded to claim all of Skytopia as his birthright.

A small militia group composed of pilots from throughout Skytopia was put together by professors at the Echo Academy of Flight with the objective of removing Lucivius from Earthbreach.