Echo with FS flag
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General Info
Founded: 0 A.U.
Population:  ?
Climate: Temperate, Lush, Green
Danger: Non-existant
Industries: Echo Academy of Flight, Aircraft Restoration, Ellington Radio Network
Exports: Skilled Pilots
For Sale
Planes: Mastiff, Thor, Valkyrie, Marauder
Upgrades: None

Echo is a skyland in the Central Cluster.

Economy Edit

Echo is the home of the Echo Flight School for up and coming hot shot pilots, and as such much of its economy is based around the several thousand students who attend every year. The Flight School makes use of many types of skilled labor, such as the army of mechanics who maintain the school's aircraft, the traders who gladly pitch in a few cords of lumber for the economics classes, and the professors that teach there.

Key also to Echo's economy is the popular Ellington Radio; its main offices are located there. The station's listening audience draws a large amount of money to the tiny skyland.

Echo Academy of Flight Edit

The Echo Academy of Flight, better known as Echo Flight School, is the only Flight School in Skytopia, making it a very valuable resource to Echo. It was founded in 0 A.U. by Governor Leo, who helped the refugees of the Great Upheaval thrive in their new environment. It generally graduates between five to eight hundred pilots every year, and allows these pilots to fly under its colors for one year after graduation.

Noptis Skyland Edit

Prior to the Echo Academy's stepping up to take a role in the Influence Wars, Echo Skyland spent some time under the name of Noptis Skyland.


Echo is the letter E in the NATO phonetic alphabet, with the letters A-L comprising the names of the original skylands from Skyrates 1.

The origin of Noptis is unclear, but nopți is Romanian for nights.

Well-known Skyrates from Echo Edit

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