Elite Azure Combat Corps (abbr. EACC)
The expression of the military might of the Azure League. We will defend our skies past death. Have more kills or influence than our lowest member? Sign up!
Leader Telegrand
Location Islo
Founded 207 A.U. by Burrito Loco
Dissolved N/A

The Elite Azure Combat Corps is a Wing comprised of members of the Azure League who have been noted for their combat abilities. Part way through Skyrates 2.4, Burrito Loco decided to step down as leader of the EACC and left the wing. niklaas picked up the pieces of the disbanded wing and reformed it, adding influence running to the EACC's mission. Telegrand is the current owner of the wing as of SR2.5 and those interested in joining may PM or contact him over the Radio (as wings can no longer be "applied to" within the game itself). Former members (this includes those who have gone inactive or not rejoined) are as follows: Burrito Loco, Kincaid, Kanamdso, Blue Vast, Circle, Wylan, and Stone Cold. Art for the Wing was originally crafted by Stone Cold.

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