View of Eltsina
General Info
Founded: 169 AU as Svalbard
Population: 7200
Climate: Arctic
Danger: Moderate
Exports: Ice, Snowcones
For Sale
Planes: Phantom,Cyclops,Requin,Chapparal
Upgrades: R Sticker, Boring Out, Med Armor Plating, Lightweight Shell,
"Eltsina" redirects here. For the famous person, see Mistress Eltsina.

Eltsina (formerly Svalbard) is an icy skyland in the vicinity of Aleut, Romeo, Gonk, and Getty, settled by Dasha Eltsina while she was a Director of the Merchant Guild. The establishment of a Guild outpost here was not the first settlement on the skyland, as old ruins were found deep beneath the ice.

Well-known skyrates from Eltsina

Marcus Cunningham

Rash McAllister

Redstorm Breckenridge

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