The Skybrary
Emir of the Desert Nomads
Born Unknown, Phillipia(?) Dalhoum.gif
Died n/a, n/a
Species Bovine
Faction Azure League

The Emir Dalhoum of Phillipia is the leader of the Desert Nomads of Phillipia and the de facto leader of the Azure League. A close friend of Lawrence Islo, he took the leadership of the League after Islo's disappearance during the Tortugan Upheaval.

The nomad's way of life was frequently under threat from The Commonwealth, so when the Red, Blue, and Green factions emerged to overthrow the oppressive government, Dalhoum saw an opportunity to gain security for his people. Dalhoum and Lawrence Islo formed an alliance between the desert nomads and the Azure Conclave, together creating The Azure League.

The nomads are frequently passive about political affairs in skytopia, preferring to keep to themselves. Even so, their passion for personal freedom often guides The Azure League during troubling times.


Dalhoum has used a variety of planes in his duties:

In his capacity as the figurehead of the Desert Nomads and of the Azure League as a whole, Dalhoum also has access to the League's flagship, the Azure Horizon.


  • Dalhoum is likely named after Dahoum, an assistant of Lawrence of Arabia who became his close companion during their years together.