Flight License
Flight License Skillbox
Show that you're ready to take on the entire world. Grants you access to more skylands to fly to.
Skill Category Flight
Requires none
Unlocks Skyland Trust, Leadership
Cost for 1st Level 2 FP
Cost for 2nd Level 5 FP
Cost for 3rd Level 10 FP
Cost for 4th Level 20 FP
Cost for 5th Level 35 FP
Cost for 6th Level 55 FP
Cost for 7th Level 80 FP
Cost for 8th Level 100 FP
Cost for 9th Level 120 FP

Be sure to consider your plane's range before you invest your Flight Points. You may gain the ability to fly to skylands that are beyond your plane's range.

Flight License Skylands
Level 0 Alpha 9, Isla di Pisa, Steppe, Getty, Alpha 17, Alpha 6, Echo, Cidade, Alpha 14, Alpha 5, Sharif, New Hovlund, Tehras
Level 1 Arcadia, Eltsina, Fuseli, Islo, Lhasa
Level 2 Leng, Kadath, Goldenrod, Luz, Shriebeck, Alpha 2, Alpha 4, Alpha 8, Tinkspoit, Aleut, Valvia, Earthbreach
Level 3 Alpha 7, Volstoy, Midgard, Jordan
Level 4 Phillipia, Olio
Level 5 Alpha 12, Tortuga, Alpha 13, Alpha 15
Level 6 Alpha 1, Alpha 16, Alpha 10, Alpha 3, Juliet, Romeo
Level 7 Grottopolis, Alpha 11
Level 8 Gonk, Uurwerk
Level 9 No new skylands, but adds some Fuel Stations to make routes shorter.
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