View of Getty
General Info
Population: 60,000
Climate: Temperate, Lush, Green
Danger: Low
Industries: Sight Seeing
Exports: Rumors
For Sale
Planes: CR-4P
Upgrades: Super Charger, Additional Cargo Hold, Wood Reinforced Hull, Steel Reinforced Hull

Landmarks Edit

Getty is home to a large museum of pre-Upheaval artifacts, known as the Hall of the Forgotten.

Phenomena Edit

The skyland is popularly known for two strange phenomena, which may be linked. The first is known as the "Getty Effect," when pilots hundreds of kilometers away will randomly see the shape of Getty on their radar. The second is known as "being Gettied," a term that has come to mean being stuck on any skyland due to unforeseen and inexplicable circumstances; the term was coined because pilots trying to take off from Getty often find that their craft simply will not start.

Theorists have posited that the Getty Effect is simply the result of fluctuations in the unobtainium-generated energy field that surrounds all skylands, and that what is perceived to be Getty is merely a glitch in the radar caused by these random fluctuations. Being Gettied, however, is harder to explain, and the cause is one of the greatest mysteries of Skytopia.


Getty is likely named after Gettysburg, the site of the Battle of Gettysburg during the American Civil War. It may also be named after the Getty family, who are probably most commonly known for Mark Getty's Getty Images.

Well-known skyrates from Getty Edit

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