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View of Gonk
General Info
Founded: 123 A.U.
Population: ?
Climate: Icy and cold
Danger: Moderate
Industries: Snowcone
Exports: Fish, coal
For Sale
Planes: Barracuda, Dauntless, Ingersoll
Upgrades: Internal Fuel Can, Efficiency Mod, 4 Barrel Carburetor, Light Armor Plating, Internal Fuel Expansion

Gonk is an oddly-shaped, almost entirely hollow, icy skyland about 680 kilometers northeast of Eltsina. Supposedly named for a hero of the Principality Wars, the skyland's bizarre name has become famous as a popular Skyrate epithet, as in "we're as good as gonked!" or "I'm gonna shoot this gonkhole outta the sky."

The bizzare geography of Gonk, while sometimes thought to be engineered, is actually a natural formation from before the upheaval. The solid land that eventually became the skyland of Gonk once contained a deep system of lakes. When the land was broken, the forces of the upheaval flipped the land completely on its side, resulting in the interconnected caverns and gaping maw that hold the bulk of the skyland's development.


A gonk is a stupid or dull person, thus the "great (albeit unlikely) hero of the Principality Wars". It is also used as slang to described something that has been greatly embellished.

A gonk is also a cheap and easily made stuffed toy that became popular in the United Kingdom during World War 2. Gonk is also the name of a Troll doll.

The GNK power droid in Star Wars is otherwise known as a gonk and is the deity of the Cult of the Power Droids.

A gonkulator is a term used to describe "a pretentious piece of equipment that actually serves no useful purpose", named after the Hogan's Heroes episode Klink vs. the Gonculator.[1] It is also the name of the DOD FX13 Gonkulator, an infamous ring modulator derided in most reviews but popular for its unique sound.

Well-known skyrates from Gonk[]


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