The Skybrary
View of Grottopolis
General Info
Founded: 207 A.U. (earlier settlements possible)
Population: 120 permanent
Climate: Warm, sunny, clear
Danger: Moderate
Industries: Tourism
Exports: Sand
For Sale
Planes: Barashiki
Upgrades: Mega Ammo

Grottopolis is a sunny, tranquil skyland in the extreme south of the known sky, and was only discovered recently, after the Tortugan Upheaval. Access to the skyland has been kept to a minimum thanks to its remoteness, and it has remained peaceful and undeveloped since its discovery. A furious debate has arisen between those who would tap Grottopolis' resources, and those who wish to keep the skyland as it is.

Terin Nasmet has purchased land on Grottopolis and proposes the construction of a casino resort on its sunny shores. He has been met with fierce opposition by locals, and has yet to obtain the necessary construction permit.

Landmarks within Grottopolis[]

Grottopolis is currently home to the skylands' greatest tiki bar, "The Sunny Tiki Bar and Grill", which serves over 70 different rum-based drinks and cocktails. The Bar itself was made from the hull of a crashed Bismarck several years ago, and continues to bring in suprisingly high revenue despite its location.


Grottopolis is a portmanteau of grotto and polis. It could be literally interpreted as the City of Caves or Hideaway City.[1] More figuratively speaking, artificial grottos are often more well known for the extensive landscaping outside the grotto rather than the grotto itself.


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