Hidden Fleet
Flag-Hidden Fleet
Headquarters Unknown
Founded Unknown
Organization type Unknown
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Membership Unknown
The Hidden Fleet is an NPC faction in SR 2.5 based on the older Hidden Fleet special combat. At the beginning of the round, they controlled half of Skytopia, with the other half being controlled by pirates. Very little is actually known about the Fleet, due to lack of intelligence reports.

Their relationship with the Pirate Faction remains unknown, though it seems highly unlikely that the two are anything more than tenuous allies at best. After all, the enemy of my enemy is my enemy's enemy - no more, no less.


In regards to their own designs, the Hidden Fleet field the Unknown (X-36) and Platforms at the current time, though they do not appear to be above using locally manufactured craft in order to further their goals - presumably the supplies needed to maintain the X-36 and the massive Platforms are not around in great quantity, so they are forced to improvise and use whatever they can get their hands on. The Hidden Fleet also apparently disperses Proximity Mines on popular trade routes, likely in an attempt to disrupt supply chains.

Special CombatsEdit

With recent changes and the Hidden War, a number of special combats oriented around the Fleet have been added. There are also a handful of pre-Hidden War combats that feature the X-36 and Platform.


Previously, the Hidden Fleet automatically accrued influence at every skyland. They are special in that, if they manage to overtake the currently controlling player faction, all other factions are reduced to zero influence; the first skyland to be lost this way was Cidade. Conversely, when a player faction takes over a skyland controlled by the Hidden Fleet, then the Hidden Fleet and Pirate factions are reduced to zero influence.

NPC CharactersEdit

The only known members of the Hidden Fleet are referred to as "Primus", "Secundus", and "Tertius". This section is a stub and needs attention from someone knowledgeable on the topic.

Skyland descriptionEdit

If a skyland is currently controlled by the Hidden Fleet, the following description will be displayed:

Sadly, (skyland) is flying the flag of the Hidden Fleet. It's that, or risk death. About them:
We don't know much about the Hidden Fleet, except that they invaded recently using bizarrely maneuverable planes and giant floating weapons platforms. They're dangerous and we need to be careful.

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