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Hidden Fleet Bismarck
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A bronze-and-blue-hulled Bismarck with an unusual white insignia atop it's frame, the Hidden Fleet Bismarck (aka Unknown Blimp) is an oddly familiar and unnerving sight. Whether the Bismarck was chosen out of practicality, or out of some more sinister purpose is yet to be determined...

Initial encounters suggest that, barring it's weapons, the Hidden Fleet Bismarck is basically identical to the original in terms of speed, armour and manoeuvrability. It cannot be acquired and flown by players.

Fighting the Bismarck[]

Like the original, the Hidden Fleet Bismarck is best attacked from the front. It is otherwise essentially the same as the current Bismarck. It's two side/front arcs have very high accuracy and respectable damage, so it is recommended that you avoid both of these arcs as much as possible. An approach from the front or rear is much more likely to succeed.

As with the original Bismarck, the front has almost no weaponry to speak of. Planes with a heavy tail gun such as the Kingfisher or Lancaster should have no problems with destroying this craft.

Weapon Information[]

Name Size Damage Shots Damage per Hit Shots per Second DPS Accuracy(+/-) Ammo/shot Ammo/second Crit Chance Default Crit Damage Crit Damage Bonus Length (px?) Width (degrees) Tracking Speed Tracking Angle
"Peashooter" Turret N/A 20 1 20 ? ? +80 1 ? 10% 150% +5% 300 10 30 20
"Skyripper" Howitzer N/A 100 1 20 ? ? +25 1 ? 5% 150% +25% 1250 10 30 0
Rear Defense Autocannon N/A 15 3 5 ? ? +30 5 ? 25% 150% +20% 180 90 50 0

Raw Arc Data:
XML: <arc center="160,0" length="300" width="10" rotation="0" accuracy="80" damage="20" ammoPerShot="1" firingRate="400" trackingSpeed="30" trackingAngle="20" critChance="10" critBonus="1.5" multiShot="1" critDmgMod="5"/>
Actual: <arc center='160, 0' length='300' width='10' rotation='0' currentRotation='0' accuracy='80' damage='20' ammoPerShot='1' firingRate='400' trackingSpeed='30' trackingAngle='20' critChance='10' critBonus='1.5' multiShot='1' critDmgMod='5' />

Arc 1:
XML: <arc center="0,-30" length="1250" width="10" rotation="295" accuracy="25" damage="100" ammoPerShot="1" firingRate="750" trackingSpeed="30" trackingAngle="0" critChance="5" critBonus="1.5" multiShot="1" critDmgMod="25"/>
Actual: <arc center='0, -30' length='1250' width='10' rotation='295' currentRotation='295' accuracy='25' damage='100' ammoPerShot='1' firingRate='750' trackingSpeed='30' trackingAngle='0' critChance='5' critBonus='1.5' multiShot='1' critDmgMod='25' />

Arc 3:
XML: <arc center="-240,0" length="180" width="90" rotation="135" accuracy="30" damage="15" ammoPerShot="5" firingRate="50" trackingSpeed="50" trackingAngle="0" critChance="25" critBonus="1.5" multiShot="3" critDmgMod="20"/>
Actual: <arc center='-240, 0' length='180' width='90' rotation='135' currentRotation='135' accuracy='30' damage='15' ammoPerShot='5' firingRate='50' trackingSpeed='50' trackingAngle='0' critChance='25' critBonus='1.5' multiShot='3' critDmgMod='20' />

Type\Tier 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Combat - - Phantom - Seahawk - Vengeance - Hades Avenger
Perf - - Marauder - Thor - Loki - Nova Ingersoll
Trade - - Nomad - Halifax - Bullfrog Leviathan KingFisher
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Perf/Combat - Chapparal - Valkyrie - Mkii - Thunderbolt - Havoc
Combat/Trade - Mastiff - Bolo - Cyclops - Barashiki - Bismarck
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