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Unknown Circle (X-36)
X-36 TOP.png

The Unknown Circle, more commonly called the X-36 after its design and original sprite number,[1] is not player-flyable and only appears in combat. Prior to the Hidden War, it was simply designated as Unknown.

The X-36 has Small arcs in a plus-shaped (+) arrangement. It is semi-transparent on the Combat Briefing screen, and has recently taken on a semi-transparent effect that makes it harder to see in combat, though it was originally dark orange. It has a very narrow and fairly tall body, with no visible means of propulsion. Like the Leviathan, Bismarck and Scouting Balloon, the X-36's sprite does not deform whilst the plane turns or maneuvers.

The X-36 is a very nimble opponent capable of hovering on the spot and turning very rapidly, making it dangerous to attack at short range. Do not be alarmed if the X-36 appears to 'shift' sideways without moving forwards or turning; this is the result of it using maneuvers like Sideslip and Barrel Roll when not moving.

With the introduction of Legendary Combats, the X-36 recently regained it's old 2.3-style arcs that are very long and thin like a Longarm, but longer even than a Large LA. They fire three shots at a mid/high rate of fire, and do a moderate amount of damage with high accuracy. The arc length is somewhat offset by the arcs originating from the center of the sprite.

Their guns are essentially identical to a Large Long Arm in rate of fire and damage, but fire three shots with 25% (+100 compared to +80) better accuracy, each doing just over 15 and a half damage per hit. Their crits also an additional 50% damage like a howitzer (200% rather than 150%) and said crits occur at the standard rate of 5%.

The X-36 may appear in the Hidden Patrol and Hidden Fleet Legendary Combats, and sometimes during normal Combats.

Name Size Damage Shots Damage per Hit Shots per Second DPS Accuracy(+/-) Ammo/shot Ammo/second Crit Chance Default Crit Damage Crit Damage Bonus Length (px?) Width (degrees)
X-36 Tri-Barrel Longarm N/A 47 3 15 & 2/3rds 2 94 +100 24 48 5% 150% +50% 800 10

Raw Arc Data: <arc center='0, 0' length='800' width='10' rotation='0' currentRotation='0' accuracy='100' damage='46.99999999999999' ammoPerShot='24' firingRate='500' trackingSpeed='120' trackingAngle='0' critChance='5' critBonus='1.5' multiShot='3' critDmgMod='50' />


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