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Hoover Heavy IndustriesEdit

Hoover Heavy Industries is a major producer of aircraft in Skytopia. Nearly every pilot in Skytopia has flown an HHI product at some point in their career.


Among HHI's many products are the ubiquitous CR-4P, the Marauder, the Valkyrie Mk-I and Mk-II, and the Leviathan.


HHI is known to be part or full owner of Midgard Air Yards, which produces the Leviathan. Hoover Heavy Industries also owns a significant minority stake in the Preston & Whitlock Corporation, which manufactures engines for aviation and industrial markets.


MacLeach Manufacturing: HHI licensed production of the CR-4P to MacLeach Manufacturing in 174 AU, in order to meet the skyrocketing demand for the plane without costly expansion of Hoover's own manufacturing facilities. This proved to be an expensive mistake, however, when MacLeach redesigned the internal structure of the CR-4P, and terminated its licensing agreement for the original design but continued to sell its lesser-quality version. Hoover sued MacLeach, but did not win the suit, and instead responded by designing the Goldfish, which was intended to compete in the entry-level and utility market sectors. However, the Goldfish did not make a significant dent in the entry-level market, which instead flocked to the less-expensive MacLeach CR-4P variant. A significant portion of CR-4P planes in Skytopia now bear the MacLeach nameplate.

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