Immelman Skillbox
Handy for when you want to perform an about face, but time isn't too critical. Learn how to perform the Immelman maneuver in combat, and reduce its Gumption cost.
Skill Category Combat
Requires Gumption
Unlocks Split S
Cost for 1st Level 5 CP
Cost for 2nd Level 20 CP
Cost for 3rd Level 45 CP
Cost for 4th Level 100 CP
Cost for 5th Level 220 CP

Combat Maneuver Recipe
Hotkey: 5
1st Keystroke SHIFT+
2nd Keystroke SHIFT+
3rd Keystroke SHIFT+
Known planes that cannot perform this maneuver Halifax, Cyclops, Bullfrog, Barracuda, Bismarck, Leviathan

The Immelman consists of a half loop (so that your plane faces the other direction) followed by a half roll (so that your plane turns right side up). Executing this manuever takes your plane through a rapid climb into a half loop, followed by a slower half roll. Your plane will exit the manuever at minimum speed.

It is essentially the opposite of a Split S, which is a half roll followed by a half loop.

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