Indigo Department of Air Defense
Poc Aviation Engineers-B.gif
Leader Azure.png Tweak
Location Tinkspoit
Founded (January 2011) Originally

(February 2013) Re-designated

Dissolved (June 2011)

(February 2013) Re-activated

Azure.png Naes Draw

(Acting Commander)

Azure.png Waiwaera
Azure.png Rubrum Veritas (Co-Founder)

Indigo is a color of class with a touch of superiority. Operating out of Tinkspoit, we are a wing dedicated to the defense of the Azure League's Skylands, it's citizens, and the Blue way of life.

We're looking for dedicated, active pilots who can post ~500k of influence per week and declare no more than one month of inactivity; daily players preferred.

Think of us similar to the EACC with a focus on holding rather than flipping and combat.

Our priorities are:

  1. Skyland defense
  2. Providing large numbers to League efforts in skyland flipping
  3. Holding Skylands against counterattacks allowing others to continue to run inf missions without worrying about losing already held skylands (like the recent red runs on Echo and Luz to slow our efforts on Valvia)
  4. Maintaining the "Defense Goals" and "General Influence Tactical Thread" threads to help with overall Blue strategery

The wing dissolved when Tweak informally retired from the Azure League to persue a military education and learn to maintain heavy aircraft. It has since been reinstated as of Febuary 2013.

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