Jade Whisperer

The Jade Fan

The Jade Fan is the pride and joy of the Jade Hand. An Unobtanium-powered submarine that was piloted by Mistress Dasha Eltsina during the Tortugan Upheaval, the Jade Fan was designed primarily for stealth and trading.

The only known craft with the capability of diving beneath the ocean waters of Skytopia, the Jade Fan has no need for escorts. The Jade Fan dwarfs the holding capacity of the Leviathan many times over. In addition to a landing strip that remains covered during underwater operations, it also houses several small aircraft, including, it is rumored, Eltsina's personal plane, the Jade Whisperer.[1]

It has been suspected that the Jade Fan holds Unobtanium missiles and torpedoes as its primary source of weaponry, however no account of this has been recorded, and as such remains only a speculation. Having only appeared in the Tortugan waters during the Unobtanium crisis, its top speed is unknown. Given its size and unobtanium-powered engines, it is suspected that the Jade Fan can reach speeds up to 50 knots, and dive to depths as low as 800 meters. However, none of these figures have been confirmed, and as such, the details of this craft's true capabilities remain hidden.


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