The Skybrary
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2.5 version

In-game Description[]

These Pirates rebelled against the Locust Clan and abandoned their Master to serve Mistress Owl. She seeks to challenge his dominance of the Southern Reaches.

Combat Info[]

The Koi Pond is a special encounter consisting of two Cetas and six G01D-F15H.

Combat Tips[]

While the Koi Pond is not much of a threat for a well equipped plane, it can be surprisingly dangerous. The Goldfish often present swarm-type tactics, and if you have that many guns pointed at you, something will hit sooner or later. Goldfish get shot down easily, and the Cetas can often be herded away from the G01D-F15H swarm. Don't try to take on everything at once!

Whilst the Cetaceas do not pose a significant threat it is best to dispose of them first, lest they harass you whilst you are taking out their weaker compatriots.

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