The Skybrary
The Merchant's Guild
Tier 8 Trading
Combat Armor: 8mm
Armor Class: 7
Maneuver: 5
Ammo: 900 rounds
Silhouette: 70
Trading Cargo: 240 crates
Range: 1900 km
Performance Max Speed: 312 kph
Stall Speed: 104 kph
Acceleration: 112 kph/s
Misc. Crew: 5 seat(s)
CKPH: 74880
Corner Velocity: ? kph
Upgrade Slots Combat: 6
Engine: 6
Hull: 10
Wing: 6
Gun Mounts Forward: 2x Small
Rear: 1x Large
Wing: 2x Medium
Diagonals: None
Maintenance and Repair Cost per %: Ģ 1643
Time: 270 minutes
Price: Ģ 12,320,000
Availability: Alpha 5, Alpha 10, Alpha 16, Sharif

Nobody knows for sure what goes on in that big glass dome in the front. Probably parties. Anyway, the Lancaster packs powerful guns and extensive room for cargo. And parties, of course.

Sometimes known as the Partycaster.

Fighting the Lancaster[]

The Partycaster can be anything but a party for the unprepared Skyrate. It is a well-rounded plane with good arc coverage, so normal approaches that exploit holes in enemy arcs are difficult to use. However, any Skyrate who has ever flown one will tell you the Lancaster's greatest weakness is its large wings. If you have a moderately long forward or back arc, simply counter-turn when it circles to score some hits; repeat as necessary.

Fighting as the Lancaster[]

Drawing off the Bolo's "Hedgehog" setup, the Lancaster can cover its front and sides immaculately. Simply use flak tubes for the two small, forward arcs and the two medium, side arcs. Extended barrels and swivel mounts make this particularly dangerous, as flaks hurt just as much further out as they do up close. The rear arc is your choice, but a long range gun such as an LA or Howitzer is a good idea, so that one can pick off any tailing planes. Use an extended barrel, and a selection of AP/Explosive rounds or grease to taste. The Lancaster is a trader, so it does become vulnerable to faster combat planes zipping in on the unguarded rear diagonals.

Skill Level Benefits (Accurate as of 1/12/2009)[]

Fuel Efficiency

Level| Range
FE 1:1,277
FE 2:1,314
FE 3:1,352
FE 4:1,389
FE 5:1,426
FE 6:1,463
FE 7:1,500
FE 8:1,538


Level| Cargo
CS 1:281
CS 2:292
CS 3:304
CS 4:316
CS 5:328
CS 6:342
CS 7:355
CS 8:370

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