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Learn how to inspire those around you to be the best they can be. Crewmates gain a morale and experience boost.
Skill Category Combat, Flight, Trade
Requires Gumption, Flight License, Trade License
Unlocks none
Cost for 1st Level 3 FP, 3 CP, 8 TP
Cost for 2nd Level 10 FP, 8 CP, 25 TP
Cost for 3rd Level 30 FP, 30 CP, 150 TP
Cost for 4th Level 55 FP, 80 CP, 300 TP
Cost for 5th Level 110 FP, 180 CP, 650 TP

The Leadership Skill helps keep Crew happy and increases how quickly Crew Members gain experience.

It can be debated whether precious FP and TP should be invested in this skill. Please observe that all XP gains are rounded down, so Leadership does not affect all XP gains. Given the thresholds neccessary for leadership to actually make a difference in crew levelling, Leadership level 3 is most important, the first two not being especially helpful, it's recommenced you wait until the amount of FP/TP/CP is relatively cheap compared to other skills.

Gains to xp are based on skill points and influence after the crew bonus is applied. This is relevant for traders, who may squeeze out an extra TP from tax reduction, and especially diplomats, who directly increase the influence from missions and then take xp based on the total gain after that increase.

When xp-gaining events occur simultaneously, the Leadership bonus is calculated, and rounded down, for each component of xp gain separately. For example, winning a combat that awards 8 CP and completes a mission worth 5000 influence (post-diplomat) with Leadership 4 will award 15 xp, not 16 xp -- the 8 xp from CP are increased to 9.28 xp, rounded down to 9 xp, and the 6 xp from influence are increased to 6.96 xp, rounded down to 6 xp. Total gain is 9 + 6 = 15 xp. If the pre-Leadership xp were added first then multiplied by the Leadership bonus, then those 14 xp would be increased to 16.24, rounded down to 16, but sadly, this is not the case.

Five points in the Leadership skill has been found to display a daily salary discount of 15% for each crewmember, but the amount paid in the log appears to be the regular amount. The effect of leadership on morale recovery are currently unknown.

Leadership Level Crew xp bonus No effect below xp gains of
1 star 4% 25
2 stars 8% 13
3 stars 12% 9
4 stars 16% 7
5 stars 20% 5

For convenience, below is the xp gains per skill point without Leadership.

Diplomat 1 1 1 6
Mechanic 5 4 - -
Navigator - 9 - -
Trader - - 9 -

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