View of Leng
General Info
Founded: 1 A.U.
Population: ?
Climate: Lush, Green
Danger: Very Low
Industries: Wood Cutting, Paper Making, Natural Spring Water
Exports: Wood, Paper
For Sale
Planes: Hades, Leviathan
Upgrades: Super Ammo

Once a simple monastery, the discovery of large sources of fresh water within this stalactite shaped skyland caused Leng to become embroiled in a violent border dispute. Since then, the Skyland has become more of a refuge for wayward flight schoolers looking for a little danger.


Leng is probably named after Y'Pawfrm e'din Leng, a plateau in Lovecraftian lore.

Leng is also a word in Mandarin and a place in Equatorial Guinea.

Well-known skyrates from Leng

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