The Skybrary
Levernius Fuseli
Rookie of the Year
174 A.U.

League MVP
174, 175, 178, 180

Born 140 A.U.
on Midgard
Died N/A
Species Fox
Affiliation Blue Faction

Levernius Fuseli is an accomplished Grimby player. Levernius comes from a very prominent family. His older brother is Admiral Ignacious Fuseli, who leads the Crimson Armada. He has publicly declared himself a member of the Blue Faction, an act which many saw as a snub of his brother. He also has a younger brother named Linguini Fuseli.

Levernius Fuseli retired in 191 A.U. at the age of 51. He occasionally provides color commentary for high profile Grimby matches. His "Grim Lever" line of Grimby boots remains one of the top-selling sporting goods in Skytopia.