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A group of independent agents worked together to erect the memorial of Lhasa. Hailing from the various factions, most of them renounced their ties to work together under a unified banner. Some feel it was to be for those who died in the Upheaval. Others thought it was for Skyrates lost against the pirate waves, still others a memorial for the pirates themselves. It will never be known, as the agents all vanished shortly after its completion but before the placement of the memorial stone. As such, the Lhasan monument stands as a sad, unfinished sentence in the book of Skytopia.

The Earthen Order has its headquarters at Lhasa.

Lhasa is also rapidly becoming a popular wedding destinaton, as one of Skytopia's few remaining chapels still stands there. This new tradition was started by Thorne, and Rachael 'Mrs. Thorne' Lockheart who were married on this hallowed ground by Admiral Fuseli on 2007-06-02.


Monument of Lhasa
An unfinished memorial whose builders vanished from Skytopia prior to its completion. The Earthen Order has since taken up the task of finishing the monument.
Great Bounty
What was once the enormous expeditionary vessel of the Earthen Order was turned into a town for the expedition's crew and passangers.[1] The disassembled shell of the great barge is stored in a large warehouse should it ever need to be reconstructed.


Matriarch Clara
Born in the Barrens, she is the leader of the Earthen Order.
Reverend Standfast
Born in the Barrens, he is a prominent figure of the more fundamentalist wings of the Earthen Order. He returned to the Barrens during the Hidden War.
Sister Doreen
Acolyte Steven
One of the first Skytopians to join the Earthen Order. He served as an attendant to Reverend Standfast and volunteered to go to the Barrens during the Hidden War.


(None... yet! If you know someone whose character is from here, direct them this-a-way!)


Lhasa is the capital of Tibet and means "place of the gods".


  1. Lord Gilbert. The Settlement of Lhasa, 9 March 2009.

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