Loop Skillbox
Useful for hitting an oncoming enemy hard and then getting out of there. Learn how to perform the loop maneuver in combat, and reduce its Gumption cost.
Skill Category Combat
Requires Barrel Roll
Unlocks none
Cost for 1st Level 5 CP
Cost for 2nd Level 20 CP
Cost for 3rd Level 45 CP
Cost for 4th Level 100 CP
Cost for 5th Level 220 CP

A Loop is one of the few maneuvers that does not alter an aircraft's direction, and is the only such maneuver that decreases an aircraft's odds of being hit. An aircraft performing a Loop exits the maneuver at maximum speed.

The Loop is an excellent maneuver, and one that can be used in a variety of situations. The most common time players use Loop is when being tailed by another plane. Pirates, being numbskulls, will follow right on your 6, allow you to make a full pass with the loop going backwards, then as you zoom into them from behind. To prevent overshooting your enemy as you zoom out of the Loop, try executing the Loop when the enemy is about half the screen behind you; this will give you enough time to slow down or airbrake as you exit the Loop. If you do overshoot, salvation is only another Loop away.

Loop can also be used to great effect during situations where you would normally think to Barrel Roll. This works best with perf planes, as it will keep your plane in a tighter area (instead of zigzagging back and forth), and allow you to keep your arcs on the enemies for longer.

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Combat Maneuver Recipe
Hotkey: 6
1st Keystroke SHIFT+
2nd Keystroke SHIFT+
3rd Keystroke SHIFT+
Known planes that cannot perform this maneuver Halifax, Nomad, Bullfrog, Barracuda, Bismarck, Leviathan

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