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General Info
Danger: Extreme
For Sale
Planes: Seahawk, Thunderbolt, Vengeance
Upgrades: Heavy Armor Plating, Wood Reinforced Hull, High-Lift Wings

Luz - The gateway to the desert skylands. With the Commonwealth fallen, the leadership of the Armada and the Green Republic began forbidding their scientists from going to the annual Symposium of Free Ideas. A young Lawrence Islo gave an impassioned speech at the Final Symposium about logic, freedom, and peace. The scientists returned to their factional posts, but over the next few months began to plan. Then one day, many of the scientists vanished in a massive exodus to 'the light above the sand.'


The Great Lighthouse
(also known as Lighthouse de Luz or Grande Farol de Luz)
An enormous lighthouse whose light is said to be visible from anywhere in Skytopia. It was originally an extravagant construction project and its brilliant beacon mostly served to blind any incoming pilots. However, the Great Lighthouse was adopted by the Azure Conclave and has become a symbol of the Azure League in general.

Minor locationsEdit

Statue of Islo
A statue of the late Lawrence Islo allegedly located somewhere in the desert.[1] It is said that only worthy individuals are guided to this hidden shrine.




Luz is named after the Spanish and Portuguese for light. In lore, this would be a reference to what appears to be a great lighthouse in the skyland's image.


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