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Magnus was the first king of the eponymous Kingdom of Magnus, the first government to unite all the tribes of the Old World. He is revered as a godlike figure by denizens of Skytopia, and is considered the greatest leader ever to have lived.


Little is known about Magnus himself, only what can be surmised from records of his empire. His clan is known to have been a powerful presence in the pre-Unification world, and he used his influence to forge strong alliances with other tribes. His vision was a unified government under which all creatures were entitled to the same rights and opportunities; this stood in harsh contrast to the solitary, autocratic, and generally xenophobic tribal system which had existed for centuries.


Over the years there have been many who claimed that they were Magnus' descendant; due to records of his actual species and appearance, the claims are difficult to disprove. Most of the claimants alleged that they are by birthright the ruler of Skytopia, as the land that now makes up the skylands all once fell under Magnus' rule. All of these pretenders to his throne have lacked the evidence to back up their claim, or the power to enforce it.

While many species claim that Magnus was of their bloodline, his actual species is unknown. Due to the inclusion of the word "Leonus" in his full name, he is often depicted as a lion, although this word may have merely been a title and not a name. Magnus had many descendants, although records of his lineage were mostly lost in the Great Upheaval.

After the Upheaval a cult began to develop around the character of Magnus, of whom many stories were told; he was gradually elevated to the status of a folk hero, and finally came to be fervently worshiped by some Skytopians. One follower of this cult was Alcuin the Wise, who founded the Earthen Order.