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  • The eccentric Pirate Lord "Phineas Phreshwater" hijacked a shipment of early-type Bolos that were being shipped to Getty for storage, and has pressed them into service attacking trade routes. They, along with Proximity Mines, appear in the "Blast from the Past" Legendary Combat, but may also occasionally appear in normal combats. (Read more...)
  • The Desert Nomads have been present in Skytopia since the time of the Great Upheaval. A hardy peoples, they have managed to maintain their culture through many changes and disasters. Their way of life is often incompatible with the more settled skytopian peoples, and as such, they sometimes come under repression or persecution. (Read more...)
  • Skyrates 2.5 introduced the new mechanic of Skyland Moods, which adjust mission payouts. When most Skylands are captured, their mood changes to Content at the nightly flag-changing, then decreases every two days, eventually remaining at Unhappy until flipped again. (Read more...)

News of Skytopia

August 19th 2013
From the desk of Captain Remy:
Blackout Event - Phase III: Earthbreach, you're looking lovely this evening. Oh? You can't offer anything to trade any longer? Too bad. Too bad. What ever shall we do?
August 5th 2013
From the desk of Lord Gilbert:
The Blackout Event: The Blackout Event has begun. Please check the forums for information on how to participate in role playing, contests and influence running so that this mystery may be solved.
July 30th 2013
From the desk of Lord Gilbert:
RP Event: Prepare yourselves. Something mysterious is occurring around Skytopia. The investigation begins August 5th.


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