This article contains information on a defunct feature of the game and may not be representative of current features.

HHI/Post Aviation
M2 Wardog
Base Chassis: Mastiff
Designed By: Pierce N.V. Post
Combat Firepower: 7
Armor: 7 mm
Maneuver: 4
Ammo: 1500 rounds
Trading Cargo: 40 crates
Range: 1130 km
Performance Max Speed: 323 kph
Stall Speed: 94 kph
Acceleration: 135 kph/s
Includes Combat Kit, Coolant System
Remaining Weight: (unknown) lbs
Price: approx. 403,920 Ģ

The M2 Wardog is a modification of the Hoover Heavy Industries twin-engine monoplane fighter, the Mastiff. The system includes a Combat Kit and Coolant System.

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