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This article is about the famous person. For the skyland, see Eltsina (skyland).
Dasha Eltsina
Merchant Guildmistress
Born 139 AU Eltsina.gif
Died n/a
Species Soricid
Faction Merchant Guild
Professional history
  • Director of Svalbard (169-176)
  • Minister of Operations (176-180)
  • President of the Guild Council (180-183)
  • Guildmistress (183-present)

Guildmistress Dasha Ilyushneva Eltsina is the current leader of the Merchant Guild. She came to power as a result of the Guild War, when she defeated Verron Kadath, the former Guildmaster, in a proxy conflict. Her wealth allowed her to fund her chosen allies more effectively than her opponent, and she has proved to be incredibly frugal with the Guild's funds as well.

While Eltsina is mostly absent from Jade Hand politics, she was involved in the recent Tortugan Upheaval, when she aided the Tortugan government from her flagship, the Jade Fan.

Fan Art[]

Mistress Dasha Eltsina, by Tommy Chong.