Negotiation Skillbox
Learn how to talk your way out of just about anything. Reduces the time that trading takes on queue, and reduces the cost of bribing pirates.
Skill Category Trade
Requires Trade License
Unlocks none
Cost for 1st Level 10 TP
Cost for 2nd Level 60 TP
Cost for 3rd Level 200 TP
Cost for 4th Level 500 TP
Cost for 5th Level 1100 TP

This skill reduces the time needed for queued trades by one minute per level, from the base time of 7 minutes down to 2 minutes. On a 16 leg queue, you can save up to 160 minutes once Negotiation has been mastered (assuming one buy and one sell transaction per leg). This might be a wise choice for traders attempting to run a bit of Influence on the side. Additionally, it can help with gaining extra Flight Points, which gives a Navigator more experience.

Level 0: 7 minutes
Level 1: 6 minutes
Level 2: 5 minutes
Level 3: 4 minutes
Level 4: 3 minutes
Level 5: 2 minutes

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